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Conference “Automation and Robotics Technologies: industrial and agricultural applications”.

Monday, November 21st.  Aerial Robotics Laboratory of the University of Seville (C/ Torricelli, 20, Seville)

Automation and robotics technologies are one of the enabling technologies that have undergone the most important advances in the last decade. Many applications have been developed using different types of robotic systems.  

In this conference on “Automation and Robotics Technologies: industrial and agricultural applications”, organized by CTA, we will present and discuss aspects of the current state of the art of existing technologies and applications in the field of automation and robotics, as well as the technological capabilities available in various Andalusian research groups. We will also present the European project DIH2 , a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs of robotics for agile production.

We will learn about successful cases of robotic applications for improving industrial production, harvesting of agricultural products or detection of food maturity. 

All information in the following link (in Spanish)