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Artificial Intelligence and Health Cycle

Session 1 – A Image is Worth a Thousand Words: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaginga

Friday 30th April

Is an image worth more than a thousand words?

In the information society, we have within our reach equipment capable of generating diagnostic images (X-rays, MRI, CT scans…) in large quantities and which play a decisive role in the rapid diagnosis of diseases and the recommendation of treatments.
However, the bottleneck lies in the analysis and interpretation of these images. On the one hand, it is a manual task that requires a high level of qualification, which is acquired with experience.
But despite this expert qualification, there are many hidden patterns that are impossible to learn, even during a whole working life.
Moreover, this kind of data goes beyond the limits of what conventional analysis methods can process.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), and mainly machine learning, has become a great alternative to solve some of these problems, thanks to its ability to discover complex patterns and recognize structures autonomously in unstructured data. Its application is also well suited to support repetitive data processing under different conditions.
Among the many possible applications of AI in medical imaging are solutions for the acceleration of MRI image analysis or the accurate detection and diagnosis of diseases.
In this MeetUp, we will try to demonstrate, in less than an hour and a half, how AI can help to speed up the reporting of these tests and achieve more appropriate diagnoses in less time and what are the problems, obstacles, and challenges we face in its use daily.
To go deeper into the subject we will have the intervention of experts in the field from three different perspectives: the clinical, the research, and the translational of the company.


  • Juan Manuel Gorritz – Professor and researcher at the University of Granada.
  • Jose Luis Martin – Head of the radiology service at the Hospital Clínico San Cecilio in Granada.
  • Alvaro Berbís – Head of innovation at HT Médica
  • Miguel Ángel Armengol de la Hoz, head of the Big Data Department of the Andalusian Ministry of Health (Fundación Progreso y Salud) and Affiliated Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MIT). He will talk about a project to detect mortality in COVID patients using radiological images, structured local patient data and deep learning multimodal models.