Web financiada parcialmente por la ayuda QUAL21-14 concedida por la Consejería de Universidad, Investigación e Innovación de la Junta de Andalucía.


Development of the Andalusian innovation ecosystem of digital transformation focused on Artificial Intelligence, Applied Robotics and cross-cutting disruptive [MR1] technologies, allowing entities to generate synergies among them and enhance their visibility as innovative entities at national and international level.

Encouragement of the development of innovation projects and activities in order to facilitate the progress of the technology and digital transformation based on Artificial Intelligence and Applied Robotics.

Promote access to information about funding sources, both public and private, to carry out innovation and validation projects that meet whose needs.

Facilitate the access to SMEs to highly innovative technological experimentation laboratories and infrastructures, encouraging the "test before invest" philosophy and providing new tools and technologies to work to achieve the digital transformation of the Andalusian ecosystem.

Raise awareness, educate and train workers of companies, self-employed individual entrepreneurs, and Andalusian SMEs in Artificial Intelligence and Applied Robotics and other cross-cutting disruptive technologies and European standards.